воскресенье, 5 мая 2013 г.

Vagrant + libvirt

There are many virtualization technologies.
Sure the best is KVM!!!
But libvirt can  manage different virtualization technologies.

Next step is provide ability test and develop software by many virtual machines.
and vagrant is amazing for it(Thanks Mitchell).

Vagrant's plugin for libvirt 
By this plugin you can test VM localy and remotely(also remotely on many servers).
require only change Vagrantfile

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  config.vm.define :test_vm do |test_vm|
    test_vm.vm.box = "centos64"

  config.vm.provider :libvirt do |libvirt|
    libvirt.driver = "qemu"
    libvirt.host = "example.com"
    libvirt.connect_via_ssh = true
    libvirt.username = "root"
    libvirt.storage_pool_name = "default"

Put your ssh public key to remote server and start libvirtd on it.
I use this tools for test multinodes cloud.
Lets together say THANKS to Lukas Stanek

P.S. Virtualbox is crap, and i was happy remove it from my laptop.

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